The idea for the PAR BAR started on the golf course in early summer of 2015. One of my playing partners took a nutrition bar from his bag and when I asked him what he was eating his response was, “this is the best I could find.” It was a nutrition bar developed originally for climbers, hikers and adventurers. I teased him, suggesting it would probably help him considering some of the places his ball had ended up that day. Then began the real discussion– why was this the best he could find? After talking about it for the next few holes, he said, “You’re a food scientist, why don’t you develop a nutrition bar specifically for golfers?”

And so PAR BAR was born.

I created a must-have list of features and benefits and set that as the development goal. It needed to taste really good, it should be made with only natural and healthy ingredients and it would have to provide sufficient energy for the whole round. What I realized could really set this apart for golfers, would be the addition of ingredients that could assist with the greatest challenge every golfer faces; Focus and Concentration.

The bar I set out to develop was high in protein, high in slow release carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber. I had become aware of a recently approved food ingredient from green tea leaves called L-Theanine. Its properties seemed tailor-made for the challenges of golf and clinical studies had already confirmed its ability to increase mental alertness and focus.

I perfected the formula over several months and sampled every willing golfer I met. The results were very positive. Those who sampled it liked the taste and believed it was helping their focus on the course. This early support and success encouraged me to commercialize the bar and the first PAR BARs were produced in January 2016.